My Character

When thinking to oneself, “What is it that really makes me? What do I associate myself with?”. This post is about to go south in all the glorified mushiness one can associate with a tale of ones childhood. Growing up, my father and I enjoyed a number of common interest such as computers, video games, and cartoons. Cartoons really stuck with  me as a child, not just from the way the story made me feel but the way everything looked and all of the work that goes into the cartoons. In this day and age cartoons have lost plenty of their magic due to the ease and cheap cost of computer animation. For this post I am doing a feature on none other than myself. I will feature just a couple of the cartoons I have created over the past couple of months.

“Blu J” This is slightly older

Same generation as “Blu J”

This one actually has a point, just not sure what the point is really.

You’re standard floating features bunny vampire face.


Halloween Spectacles

Here it is everybody, the day that you have all waited for. Well, if you are just incredibly into Halloween and could take or leave all of the “real” food that comes with other holidays. Why though? Why no just plummet yourself into a bottomless trough of sugar coated pieces. Al right maybe I’m being a little hateful towards the holiday as I am currently laying on my back typing this on my phone screaming in agony at the mountain of unadulterated candy consumption. Well, as you already know every year there are plenty of just simply awesome things to look at during Ol’hallows eve. This post is dedicated to all of the awesome finds I have stumbled upon in this holiday season (mostly pumpkin carvings. yes!)


Big is Back, and Bigger than Ever

You’ll notice that in most name brand publications and store fronts designers are using sleek, sans serif, thin type. Possibly trying to stretch out every last drop of “modern” they can possibly squeeze out of Helvetica Ultra Thin. Thankfully, that trend is diminishing and more and more you will notice designers channeling their inner Radioactive Cat. Type faces are getting chunkier and more elaborate and no to no extent do I mean comic sans (Zeus help all of those still using this for anything but books for dyslexic citizens). This approach takes it’s role from the days of the 50’s, a war was over and the baby’s were booming and everyone was just generously excited to be alive. You can see it in the design as they make everything colorful and full of life. Below you will see a few examples of 50’s typography that just so happens to be beer labels.

IPA? More like, well there’s a joke somewhere in there. This label displays the letter decorations and small touches that made the 50’s just so gosh darn exciting don’tcha know.

Here we can see flying oranges which were a huge trend during the 4 month long citrus wars. Okay, that’s a fabrication but what we can really see here is a gorgeous display of the elongated serifs and interlocking letters of yester-yester-years typography. It’s almost like looking at an ancestor that you really wish you could have met.

Green with envy are you? Yoda would be, because this wears the green much better than he ever did. Once again we can see the decorations around the letters and the small decorations that give it just that pinch of life it needs not to flop. Personally I may have left the background not so busy but I guess if you are capturing an era why not exploit all of its goodies.

Simple, it’s not the first time you’ve heard it and it’s not the last

Simplicity, every designer preaches it but not every designer utilizes it. They hear phrases “don’t be afraid of white spaces” and “why clutter when you can spring clean your design” as well as my personal favorite “don’t be a vector hoarder”. OK, so I did just make all of those up but my point here is that something can be made amazing out of very few elements. Without thinking about it, you end up scrap booking ideas together trying to make something cognitive.

This is a poster from one of my all time favorite movies “Reservoir Dogs”. I am not saying that this is a bad design at all. It is has a very timely organization and does not beat around the subject. However you could clean it up and make it have a touch more mystique behind it.

Here is a modernized and simplified representation of the movie. If you have seen the movie, then you understand what is going on here. The crayons represent each character in the movie which is enough to thoroughly get the point across. Personally, I think I would have rather seen this poster to start with since you would not know what it meant till after the movie. I subside in this by saying never take yourself too seriously, it’s all in the placement and what you do with what is given.

Live long and prosper, wanoo nanoo


Weekly dose of Typography

This is the city of gent, at first glance this looks like it just another photoshop creation that would normally just be glanced past. I’m going to give you a second look at this.

It is actually a very cleverly edited photo of an actual piece of actual art work! How exciting right?

Probably not as exciting for them the whole time but I am sure that their sense of gratification was way more that ours after the completion, shall we continue?

Mapping out some of the terrain here, drawing inspiration from everything around them.

Every project has a sketch phase, the sooner you get past that the sooner we can all get on with our lives.

Editing and piecing together the monstrous creation

The final stage of the gent project. Enjoy it in all of it’s realistic typography splendor.

Weekly dose of Typography

This is my first weekly post of typography so I figure I should start by explaining myself. It is very simple, I as many other designers before me have fallen in love with typography. I am not using the term “love” lightly either, I would marry the type font above and live out my years in an apex house looking over crests of lower case fonts frolicking around each other in the playground I built for them. I kind of feel like I took that a little too far but I just need you to understand, I LOVE typography. There is no other way to explain this than just to give you examples of fonts that stand out to me as being worthy of being my letterly spouse (seriously I’m done now).


Let’s talk business cards. Business cards can sometimes be the only way you can make an impression on someone, considering you have placed your business card around various spots. It takes an individual a split second to decide whether or not to cram another piece of paper in there wallet or purse. So the question is, how do you turn those business cards into movable pieces of art? You customize them with a letterpress. Letterpress is actually how the design game started, letters were arranged and pressed with ink onto paper. The process has changed over the years but the basic idea remains the same. So how is this a hot topic that should be shared? Letterpress is not only used just to display print, but actually more for the fact that it creates an indention in the paper which is a wholesome quality that really brings a nice appeal to whatever you are printing. Some of the cleanest and most inspiring letterpress business cards I have seen don’t even use ink. Instead they rely on the indention’s themselves to do the talking. Above you can see an example of these letterpress business cards.


Seriously though, this game has consumed countless hours of my life. Countless hours where all I did was carry, rearrange, and forge block after block. This is a sandbox type game with a twist, enemies and treasure galore await your pick ax and mighty swinging stick (joking, you get a sword at least). This game was developed my a small game developing company named Mojang, and the trusty coder/spokesperson Markus Alexej Persson aka Notch. The game has existed for years in the underground indie gaming community and keeps itself alive with updates. In a recent developers contest, Mojang wiped out video gaming giants Nintendo. The glorious part of that story is Mojang hasn’t even released a full game yet, that’s right, Minecraft is still in beta testing and their other title Scrolls hasn’t even had a decent game play hint. However, let me tuck away my inner fan boy and explain to you why I would include this video game in my design blog. The game gives you full capabilities to literally do whatever you can imagine. If you want to build a life size replica of the Starship Enterprise then guess what? You already have competition (seriously, YouTube Starship enterprise minecraft and marvel at this guys spare time). The picture above is a log cabin style dream cabin I crafted in a few moments of my spare time. This game is addicting, like hands down the most addicting game allowed by law, so I suggest you not touch this link before you negotiate a reasonable schedule with yourself.

I Warned You

Lost Type

These guys know how to spread the love of vintage typefaces. The website isn’t half bad to look at either. As far as quantity goes, it is not the largest collection of type faces. Quality is what you get out of You can download free fonts from them as well. They work on a donation bases and don’t seem to mind you putting a nice little “$0” in the donation box. I have used this site as a resource for many personal designs of mine, I do not plan to do much with them until I can offer at least a decent donation because they seriously deserve it. Check them out and show them some love.

Check them out here

Moustache Wars

I thought this campaign was extremely creative. It is strange to think back to a time when facial hair was accepted as being a mark of a great man. In this day and age even the President is clean shaven. Even though this is no new phenomena, it still makes you think back to an age where delegates and noble men were adorned with magnificent mustaches and bodacious beards. It may have been a lost art in the way of Americanizationing (pardon the fictional word) the Europeans that moved here to escape into a new land. Whatever the reason is behind the disappearance of facial hair is, I am glad to say the the furry are making a come back. You will notice beards in just about anything from movie stars, to magazine adds, to even the person who just typed this paragraph you are reading. It is a comeback I can welcome with open arms, and neglected razors.

In this link you can find the rest of the campaign for “Moustaches Make A Difference”: